September 2013

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Dear Family and Friends, Another sign that I’m getting older:  I remember when the pastor would say, “Turn in your Bibles to …”, hearing the sound of pages rustling.  Now, more often than not, I see cell phones light up.  Not that that’s a bad thing.  People today have more options for accessing and reading the Bible than ever before — and that’s a good thing!  While I’m still “old school” in preferring the page-turning option, the American Bible Society found in a recent survey that 41 percent of Americans read Scripture on the...

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July 2013

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Dear CBM Family, “What a mighty God we serve!”  I now sing that line from the well-known praise song with a greater understanding of and appreciation for its truth after returning from my recent trip to western Kenya.  What our team witnessed during those three weeks of ministry was the mighty power of God on display in the lives of hundreds of people — men and women, students and teachers, widows and orphans, young and old alike.  So many of you were praying here at home, and God moved in response to those prayers, faithfully, graciously and mightily.  During the trip I...

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May 2013

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Dear Family and Friends, May is when we observe the National Day of Prayer, but for those serving in the active duty or reserve military, any mention of this annual tradition or an invitation to participate in a prayer gathering could now result in a hearing before a military tribunal. Under the guise of “tolerance” and in compliance with the mythical “wall of separation” interpretation of the First Amendment’s establishment clause, the Obama administration has essentially prohibited any expression of faith within the ranks of the U.S. military.  The Air Force...

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Kenya Ministry

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Dear Family and Friends, Few experiences have had a more profound impact on my life than my March trip to Mfangano Island, Lake Victoria, Kenya.  Through the preaching and teaching of God’s Word and the power of His Spirit, our team had the privilege of seeing more than 1,200 lives transformed – men and women, boys and girls, teachers and students.  Amid the poverty and deprivation of this third-world land, spiritual riches were poured out and eagerly received – love, joy, peace, contentment, hope and, best of all, abundant life through Jesus Christ. For the past few weeks I have been...

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March 2013

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Dear Family and Friends, The theme of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, is God’s mission of redemption through the Person and work of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. In Genesis, the mission begins with a command and a promise to Abram:  Go . . . And I will bless you . . . And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed (Gen. 12:1-3).  Abram, whose name means, “exalted father,” would eventually be given the name, Abraham — “father of many.”  Through this chosen vessel of God would come “a great nation” (v. 2), the nation of...

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February 2013

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Dear Family and Friends, It’s been ten years since Americans awoke to the tragic news that the space shuttleColumbia, returning from a successful 17-day mission, disintegrated upon re-entering earth’s atmosphere.  President Bush’s words later confirmed what most of us already knew:  “TheColumbiais lost.  There are no survivors.”  In one brief moment,Columbia’s crew of five men and two women passed from the temporal realm of time and space into eternity, a journey upon which all of us will one day embark. For at least two of the astronauts, Col. Rick Husband and Lt. Col....

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