What Are the Benefits of Released Time?

  • Ministers to children from non-Christian homes as well as Christian homes.
  • Provides a biblical foundation for the moral, social, intellectual, and spiritual development of children.
  • Enhances the spiritual development of Christian children and encourages them to share their faith with their non-Christian friends.
  • Provides meaningful opportunities for non-Christian children to see and experience Christian love firsthand.
  • Helps facilitate an awareness of and appreciation for God and His truth in the public schools.
  •  Helps young people from diverse backgrounds gain a theistic (God-centered) understanding of themselves and others, in contrast to the humanistic (man-centered) philosophy of the world.
  • Enhances student discipline and cooperation in the classroom as children are “sanctified” through the influence of loving, caring Christian adults.
  • Benefits local churches by assisting them in fulfilling the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20).
  •  Promotes fellowship within the Christian community by encouraging believers from different churches to work together in a common endeavor – the evangelization and discipling of children.