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CBM Ministries of the Great Southwest, Inc.

Ministry Accomplishments: The Fruit of Our Labors

By the grace of God . . . unto the glory of God


The statistics are alarming . . . and heartbreaking.  Of the 53 million children attending public schools in America today, 92% are receiving no moral or spiritual instruction from the Bible at all.  Nearly half of these children have no regular contact with a local church and have never heard an adult personally read a single verse of Scripture to them. Twenty-one million American children live in homes with no biological father, and one-and-a-half million children are without a parent due to incarceration

It should come as no surprise, then, that on an average day in this country:

8,441 teenagers become sexually active, and 2,756 teenage girls become pregnant;

603 children are arrested for drug or alcohol abuse;

 248 children are arrested for violent crimes;

 2,250 students drop out of school; and

16 young people commit suicide.

The burden of CBM Ministries of the Great Southwest is to confront the moral and spiritual bankruptcy threatening the lives and, more importantly, the eternal destinies of young people throughout Oklahoma, Texas, and the surrounding states with the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ.  Through the ministry of Released Time Bible Classes, hundreds of public school students each month are able to hear and respond to the wonderful message of God’s love and forgiveness.

Our outreach began in the fall of 1996, with two students in a small school outside Ponca City, OK; by the following spring, 18 students were enrolled in Released Time.  The next year, we had the privilege of sharing the gospel each week with 63 students from six schools. By 1999 we were  reaching

 416 boys and girls from 11 schools.  Since then, the Lord has blessed us with more than 85 volunteer teachers and helpers, along with two buses, a 15-passenger van, and a mini-van that enable us to transport the over 1,600 students in 21 schools and 16 communities now enrolled in Released Time classes.  A mailbox club ministry, sponsored by Child Evangelism Fellowship, allows us to continue our ministry to Released Time students during the summer months.  Our long-range vision includes a Released Time program in all 77 counties in Oklahoma, as well as new ministries in each of the surrounding states, and a summer camp to help our students grow in their knowledge of love for the Lord.

Our mission statement is, “Reaching future generations for Christ . . . one child at a time.” Chuck Colson of the Prision Fellowship recently noted that the public School system. with a “population” of some 53 million, represents the single largest mission field in the the United States.  By God’s grace, CBM Ministries of the Great Southwest is sending forth labors into the harvest (Matt. 9:37-38), and the angels in heaven are rejoicing over the salvation of hundreds of souls through the ministry of Released Time.  This year alone 212 boys and girls have indicated a desire to trust Jesus Christ as their personal Savior!

We praise the Lord for fulfilling His promise not to allow His Word, as it is faithfully proclaimed, to return empty, but to accomplish a great and mighty work(Isa, 55:11).  Through the fervent prayers, sacrificial gifts, and loving labor of those who “partner” with us in this vital work of children’s evangelism, we are trusting the Lord for even greater growth in 2009 and beyond.

                                                       Scott Brinson
                                                 Executive Director