Released Time Testimonies

I heartily endorse Released Time Bible Education.  At a time when Christian parents fear for the spiritual well- being of their children in public schools, it is so encouraging and exciting to know about the work of the National Released Time Bible Education project.  The goal of this unique program is to reach every student in America, K- 12, with the timeless truth of the Word and to counteract the anti-biblical philosophies of the classroom.    

– Bill Bright, founder, Campus Crusade for Christ


Our regular monitoring through youth surveys indicates that violence and abuse are so common in our public schools today that dealing with the problem is a matter of the greatest urgency.  What’s exciting [to me] is that  promoting Released Time Bible education can alleviate this situation, as the answers are brought to children in a relational setting.  We can see incredible possibilities when youngsters reach out in love in a trusting relationship with others.     

– George Gallup, Jr., The Gallup Group


Our young people need to know the Bible if they’re going to resist the world’s temptations and be effective witnesses for Jesus Christ.  I believe in Released Time Bible Education as an important option for teaching the next generation of Christian leaders.    

– Luis Palau, evangelist, Luis Palau Evangelistic Assoc.


With all of the violence experienced in our public schools over the last few years, it is good to know that God’s Word offers basic solutions to the needs being faced by today’s young people.  I am very encouraged that Released Time Bible Education offers the opportunity for public school students to be released during the school day, with parental permission, to attend Bible Education classes.  I recommend this ministry to you for your prayers and support.                                                                

– Paul A. Cedar, MissionAmerica


With parental permission, public school kids can be released for devotional Bible study, organized off-campus by local churches during the day.  It’s that simple.  It’s constitutional, and it works.  Looking for a program that can reduce violence, truancy, vandalism, and incivility, while increasing caring and ministering to those in need?  What teacher or parent in their right mind wouldn’t want something like this that really works?

– Chuck Colson, founder, Prison Fellowship


Released Time is an exciting program allowing children to learn about God during the school day.  It is evident that God is using the Released Time Bible Education program in tremendous ways, and I hope that even more young people will enroll this year.                  

– D. James Kennedy, pastor and author


I like going to Released Time because you get to go and praise the Lord, thank Him, and let Him wash away your sins.  And we get to learn more about Him every time we go and know how much He loves us, even putting His own Son on the cross for our sins.”          

– Delaynee, 5th-grader,Watson,OK, Released Time


At Released Time we learn about God.  And that’s the best thing I like doing because God is my Savior!  He’s awesome to me!                                                           

– Alexis, 3rd-grader,Nowata,OK, Released Time


I currently pastor a church work with a local Released Time program.  Our society desperately needs citizens populating our communities and entering the work force, voting booth, and public office who are peace loving, kind, patient, loyal, honest, trustworthy, self-controlled, keepers of commitments, desirous of working to support themselves, etc.  Released Time Education is one of the best ways to teach these qualities.  All at no cost to taxpayers!

– Pastor, Hodgen,OK


My daughter, who is now in the 9th grade, cherishes those times when she went to Released Time.  Whenever I’d pick her up from school, she would tell me how much she enjoyed Release Time because of the singing and the fellowship with other students.  I could tell the difference it made in her life.  I believe that Release Time has helped mold my daughter into the wonderful young lady that she is today.  How awesome is to know that Released Time is helping our children grow up to make a positive difference in this world!                                                                             

– Parent, Tulsa (Berryhill), OK, Released Time