Released Time Resources

Books on Child Evangelism and Discipleship:

  •       Why Evangelize Children?
  •       How to Lead a Child to Christ
  •       How to Evangelize Children
  •       How to Teach Bible Doctrines to Children
  •       First Steps
  •       How to Teach a Bible Lesson to Children
  •       Saved By Faith Alone
  •       Truths for Teachers

      Books listed above are by Sam Doherty, Child Evangelism Fellowship of Ireland

  •       The Discipline Guide for Children’s Ministry by Jody Capehart, Gordon West and Becki West
  •       Your Child’s Profession of Faith by Dennis Gundersen
  •       103 Questions Children Ask about Right from Wrong by David R. Veerman, et. al.
  •       The Gospel for Children by John Leuzarder


Teacher Training:

“In Step with the Master Teacher.”  Excellent program with interactive CD-ROM, produced by Bible Centered

Ministries International (


Related Links (CBM national) (Fellowship of Christian Released Time Ministries with information on state RT laws)  (Christian Communicators Worldwide – good source of materials for teaching children) (Child Evangelism Fellowship) (School Ministries) (California Released Time) (Orange,CA, Released Time)